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My Story

People say life is a roller coaster with all the ups and downs, and unexpected twists and turns. Well, to say the last 5 years of my life has been a roller coaster would be an understatement. It all started with my time working for a Fort Myers based brand management company. I quickly advanced, got the fancy title, and even became a minority partner. Fresh out of college I found a place that I thought I could not only begin my career but possibly even build a life around. Boy was I was wrong.

Three years into my career, I got an incredible opportunity to join a group of remote employees while still maintaining my position. During my travels abroad I realized most of what I had learned was what I taught myself, and I wasn’t growing the way I needed to in order to one day run my own business. This is what led me to leave my position...

While keeping in touch with a friend I made at the brand management company, I realized I had several skills and tools that typically define a web developer. Being a colorblind artist who loves the challenges of problem-solving and learning new languages made web development an ideal career for me. The ability to read numerical codes for colors has helped to overcome my colorblindness.

Now bring it to the present, I have been working in web development for a few years and finally found a way to accelerate it. Huge thanks to Kevin Abrams of Digital Renegades, who inspired me to begin my own company.

Meet Jake

As a Fort Myers native, I am excited to build my business in the SWFL community that helped grow me.

Jake Albion

Jacob Albion

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