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Our modern web design solution creates an online experience of your business by positioning content in a way that tells a story and is easy to consume.


Tell People What To Do

Your website is your best salesman.

Every page should be structured like a sales pitch but shouldn't feel like one.

We can do this by breaking up content that follows the logical thought process of clients but is designed for skim readers who just want the highlights.

Here are 3 key points of a successful website page.

You understand their problems and have a solution

You clearly layout the process in simple steps that set expectations.

You tell the user what are the next steps so they can use your product or services.

Quality and Industry Standards

We follow best practices for website performance and optimize for SEO and web accessibility so you have a reliable, long-term online solution.

Optimized for your online presence and search engines using WordPress.

Universal design that creates an enjoyable online experience for everyone.

Integrate with your workflow both online and offline whether you sell products or services.


Benefits Of Professional Web Design

Mobile Friendly

Easy To Use

Curated Experience

Custom Design

SEO Friendly

Build Trust

Goal Oriented

WCAG Guidelines


What To Expect During Your Web Design Project

Intro & Proposal

We'll have a video call to help us understand your business, budget, and project scope. We want to ensure we are a good fit and outline clear expectations for success.
A second meeting will allow us to review the proposal and agreement together that will be based on the budget, scope and timeline discussed in the previous meeting.
The first step to officially start the project will be to submit a deposit to start on the design and the homepage.

Designs & Homepage

We'll collaborate with you to create designs and a functional homepage that will set the tone for the rest of the site.

You can leave feedback and revisions using a website feedback tool for instant, easy feedback.

Build The Site

We'll build the rest of the site and make it fully functional so you can have the full experience yourself before it launches.


We'll have 2 rounds of revisions using our website feedback tool, you'll leave notes directly on the site to make sure you're satisfied with the final look, feel, and experience.


Once the final work has been approved, we'll take your site live on a website care plan with complimentary hosting.

We'll continue to review and test your site up to a week after the site is launched to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Tell Us About Your Project

Not Sure Where To Start?

What Our Clients Say

September 26, 2019

Public Relations and Marketing Counselor

What a pleasure working with Jake to create websites for my clients.  His structured approach allows you to plan accordingly and his steadfast dedication to delivering on-time is greatly appreciated.  He is very responsive to suggestions and edits when needed and is all-around a great partner for website development.

Gary Wells
April 27, 2022

Albion Digital Web Studio has been a pleasure to work with. They are professional, knowledgeable, and are very quick in their deliverables.

Harry B
March 25, 2022

Jake and Albion was a genuine pleasure to work with, it was by far my best experience dealing with a Web Designer. Competent, smart, intuitive. What I appreciated was Jakes ability to edit and improve content that I provided. He made my work better. I can confidently recommend Jake for anyone looking for a fair, reliable and creative designer who will make the changes needed to make YOUR project better.

June 9, 2020


Jake is a reliable, hard-working young professional, knowledgeable in his field. He's easy to talk to and a good listener, which makes him a valuable asset to any business with digital needs. Give him a try, you will NOT be disappointed.

Susan Rokela
November 9, 2021

Working with Albion Digital Web Studio has been a very positive experience for us. Jake has led us through a complete overhaul of our website, and we are very happy with every aspect of the work that has been completed. He listened to our needs, provided valuable information and made the process seamless. Jake has been there to answer any questions, big or small, every step of the way. We are currently implementing a detailed SEO plan with Albion, and look forward to seeing more business because of it. I highly recommend Albion Digital Web Studio.

September 6, 2018

Safety Manager

Working with Jake on our new website was a great experience. He delivered on time and actually made what we had asked for. The site looks and works great and is easy to navigate. I will definitely be recommending his services to anyone that needs them.

Ali Gonzalez
July 22, 2022

Over the years I have worked many IT/website designers. Albion is the only company that understood my goals and was able to produce a site better than I envisioned.Many other companies that I worked with in the past did not meet their timeline or communicate consistently. Albion was the first company that went above and beyond and fully communicated and followed thru. In the processed I learned a lot more on website design and implementation.

July 22, 2022

Jake and his team were great to work with throughout the entire process. They made designing and launching websites simple and creative. I highly recommend anyone who needs a website done to use Jake and his team. Super professional.

Drew Josephson
December 31, 2021

Jake is an invaluable resource to our organization. He started helping us with our website and his role has grown. He is now helping us with strategy and connecting us to other people/teams to help our business grow. Jake is easy to work with and extremely customer focused.

September 22, 2019

Graphic and Web Design Consultant

Albion.Digital was a breeze to work with. From the first meeting we mapped out how things should go and everything was in line without missing a beat. We hit every goal and ended up exceeding project expectations. If you need a customized website set up with a personalized back end to fit your needs, Albion.Digital is the one to go to.

Lauri Albion
July 28, 2022

Jake is his team were efficient and creative in completing our website. The consultants that we work with we also very impressed with the site.

Dr. Sam Graber
March 25, 2022

Bringing an entrepreneur's vision to life online is a very unique skillset. From helping me flesh out the specifics to breathing life into them on the screen, Albion Digital is the best I've experienced. They're no site-in-a-box slinger. They take the necessary steps to ensure your creative vision is dialed in exactly as you see it, so your intended audience can experience it.

Nicole Perper
July 27, 2022

Jake is a knowledgeable and easy going person to work with. He did a fantastic job with my business logo. Would recommend !

Jennifer Moreau
January 24, 2022

Albion Digital created our website and continuously maintains it. Their work is spectacular and I recommend them for anyone looking to update or create a new site. Their response time is quick and they are very efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

A successful project starts with initial meetings for us to learn about you, your business/organization, and your workflow. This will help us outline what success will look like at the end of the project.

Once we've outlined the scope, budget, timeline, and expectations of the project(s) from the initial meetings, we'll review your estimate and the phases of the project with you to get final approval.

We'll keep you updated throughout each phase of the project and request feedback when appropriate.

We'll ask you to approve the deliverables at the end of the project and follow up a week or two after to make sure you're happy with the final result.

Yes, for websites, we offer a 2-hour discovery call for $600, which includes a sitemap and all the necessary plans for building a new site, like content, search intent and your ideal customer. If you choose to build your site with us, we'll deduct the $600 from your project. 

We can also offer a springboard plan post-launch that includes recommendations on improving your online presence off-site.

Be ready to discuss your business and previous marketing efforts, especially if you already have a website. You can also answer the client questionnaire above that will guide our initial conversation. It's important that you answer it as completely as possible, so dive in and ask any deeper questions during our time together.

The actual cost will be in the proposal and service agreement after we meet along with the scope and timeline of the project to make sure we've outlined clear expectations for a successful project.

Once we have a signed agreement and the initial deposit, we will have 2 homepage designs ready for review within 2 weeks.

Yes, we offer the following website services, which can be requested on the project form above.

  • Website Rebuild - If you're moving from another platform like Wix or Squarespace to WordPress, we'll rebuild your site with the same design plus some upgrades.
  • Website Redesign - If you have an old WordPress website that needs a modern design, we'll upgrade it.
  • Website Migration - We can help you move your site to another host.
  • Website Updates - Need to update the software one your website? We offer one-time services to secure and update your site.
  • Website Audit - We'll check out your site and highlight opportunities with recommendations to improve your website.

Yes, SEO helps users and search engines quickly find the information they want. A site with proper optimization will have organic traffic results along with essential information from both google analytics and google search console about how people find your business. This includes search phrases and traffic to specific pages.

We'll do an audit before we get started to make sure we have a baseline for how your existing website is performing, as well as competitor research. Within the first three months, we will see an improvement with a properly optimized new site. You will still need to work on driving traffic for better results with social media and advertising, but you will still have organic traffic (people naturally find you).

When websites and web tools are properly designed and coded, people with disabilities can use them and have a similar easy-to-use experience to non-disabled users even using disabled technology like screen readers. This concept comes from universal design.

Websites that use overlays (floating buttons with site-altering features) or different sites are creating a separate and often not-equal experience that may not be as useful as the main site.

We strive to create an equally pleasant experience for all users regardless of device. Usually, web accessibility's best practices positively influence your site's user experience and SEO. 

Please let us know if you have specific industry standards we have to be aware of.

We use WordPress for our CMS and Beaver Builder as our main builder.

We do have experience with other builders, including, but not limited to, Divi, Elementor, Bricks, and Builderius, as well as Themeforest themes like Avada, BeTheme, and Bridge.

Yes, we use AI to assist in research, writing, and problem-solving but still keep the human touch. For example, when we create content for your site, we provide research and guidance to a copywriter. We ensure all copywriters who may be using artificial intelligence to create your content do not have the sanitized voice/tone of AI. An easy way we help you with this is to include anecdotal experiences of your business that will make your content unique and reputable.

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Don't Need A New Website?

Website Rebuild

Want to move to WordPress, but have a site you love? We can rebuild it, and in many cases, improve it by migrating to WordPress.

Website Updates

Some websites may need some tender love and care. We can go in and update your site to make sure it is secure and optimized without affecting the design or functionality.

Website Redesign

Some older websites have great content and good bones but may need a design upgrade.